Tuscan Landscape Wallpaper

Download this view as a wallpaper.


How do I know which screen resolution is right for me?

Windows users:

Click your right mouse button anywhere on your desktop that is not an active window. Select “Properties” from the drop-down list. You will see the “Display Properties” dialog box. Select the “Settings” tab. The “Desktop Area” will indicate which wallpaper resolution you should choose.

Mac users:

Exit all applications and choose "Control Panels/Monitors & Sound" from the Apple menu. The "Monitors & Sound" window will appear. Click the "Monitors" button. “Resolution” options will indicate which wallpaper resolution you should choose.

Tip # 1

Pull Basil apart with your fingers, don’t use a knife.

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Tip # 2

Rub wooden cutting boards with lemon juice to remove garlic odor.

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Tip # 3

Buy pre-washed salads in a bag to save time while cooking.

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Tip # 4

Cook and freeze sauces and stocks for quick use later.

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Tip # 5

Buy boneless cuts of thinly sliced meats; they cook faster.

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Tip # 6

Buy cooked rotisserie chicken, and use it to make soups and stocks.

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Tip # 7

Wrap in moist cheesecloth and foil to keep fresh when storing.

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Tip # 8

Keep your pantry stocked with essentials for making a quick pasta dinner.

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Tip # 9

For fastest results when making pasta, don’t add salt until the water has come to a full boil.

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Tip # 10

Using a food processor to chop vegetables saves a lot of time.

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