The Contadina



"Contadina" has become so synonymous with tomatoes in the United States that few people know it is actually the Italian word for "woman of the fields." That's what inspired Contadina to put the "woman of the fields" on its classic can many years ago.

The lifestyles of women, be they Italian, American, or of other ethnic origins, have changed dramatically over the years. Today, to be a "woman of the fields" is to be a woman involved in an exciting combination of "fields" of career, home, recreation, and self-learning activities.

Just as women's lifestyles have changed, so has the Contadina woman. The new Contadina woman, who took her place on the tomato paste label in March, 1964, is symbolic of these lifestyle changes. Hollis Page is the model for the original tomato paste label and is currently featured on all Contadina products. She has been an aerobics instructor, a ski instructor, an ABC Olympics sports photographer, a seamstress, and an actress. She's also a gourmet chef.