Culture Of Central Italy

Learn a little about Italian fashion, art, geography, and where you’ll find Italians gathering on any given day.

Rome and Florence make Central Italy the cultural capital of Italy. Housing some of the most important works of art, museums and cathedrals in the country, these cities attract students, art lovers and historians, leading to a very cosmopolitan lifestyle. While Tuscany is the first region that comes to mind when one thinks of the Renaissance, many important Renaissance artists were either born in, or produced their most famous works, in Umbria and Le Marche, so both regions house their fair share of artistic and architectural wonders.

Piazzas have been the center of Central Italian life for centuries. These open public squares, often surrounded by historic buildings, range from small and out of the way (with just a cafe and a church), to larger ones that host markets and festivals (Piazza del Campo in the Medieval town of Sienna is host to a horse race, Il Palio, twice a year). They are places where a lot of events are held, young people congregate and a visitor can just relax at a cafe, and get a true taste of Italian life. The breathtaking Piazza della Signoria in Florence, is surrounded by statues and Renaissance architecture. In Rome, Piazza Navona, with its three historic fountains, may be the most beautiful of the many squares in the city.